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Educate, Elevate, and Energize: Unveiling Insights Through Podcast Conversations

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Listen to some of my enlightening conversations with influential voices in the business space.

Interview With David Meltzer

Listen to a snippet from my engaging conversation with David Meltzer, a renowned speaker, accomplished author, and successful entrepreneur. In this segment, David delves into the crucial topic of risk tolerance within the context of investing, offering valuable insights for business enthusiasts.

John Dwoskin - THINK Business

Sande Golgart, President at ZONEZ – Built for Change. Zonez creates innovative, open office solutions to solve for the ever-changing needs for privacy and increased productivity. We will be talking about what the workspace looks like post COVID.

Dash of Grit

Like most entrepreneurs, Sande Golgart started his grit story with frustration about the industry he was in. He identified the solution, pivoted and is now the President of Zonez modular construction. Listen in for more about his story.

Forbes Article

Diane Hamilton

Dan Mangena

Thomas Capone - Coffee in the Clouds

Damon Burton

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