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About Sande

Meet Sande Golgart

A Family Man, Outdoor Enthusiast, and Business Leader

Sande Golgart, a devoted husband and proud father of two boys, Sande’s personal interests include mountain biking, golf and skiing. For nearly 30 years as an executive he achieved a lot of great things: Exponential growth, successful turnarounds, building incredible, dynamic teams, winning awards, promotions and other accolades.

By a wide margin, Sande finds the most satisfaction and joy in seeing others grow and reach their full potential. He’s helped hundreds of people reach higher levels of personal success, achieve promotions and set new trajectories for their lives.

Transformative Mentoring and Learning Journey

In addition, he spent the past four years working with, being mentored by and learning from some of the absolute best including David Meltzer (former CEO of Steinberg Sports – the firm Jerry Maguire was based on).

David amassed a net worth of over $100M before losing everything in bankruptcy and having to start over from $0. He rebuilt his net worth exceeding what he had before and doing it through mediation, mindfulness practices and a new approach to helping people. I have also worked with Jay Abraham, Alan Eagle (Co-Author of “The Trillion Dollar Coach”), Tony Disilverstro, Arun Garg, Dr. Alan Barnard, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, George Mumford (mediation coach to Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant), Emily Fletcher, Jeffrey Allen, Vishen Lakhiani, Regan Hillyer, Sadhguru and many others. These experiences have provided me with a well-rounded approach to empathizing with and helping others.

Unlocking Simple, Easy Growth: Sande Golgart's Proven 3-Step Process for Personal and Business Transformation

Sande has created a simple, easy to understand 3-step process to help you unlock Simple, Easy Growth for yourself or your business. Using this process, he will help you implement easy changes and create flow in your life and/or your business.

Golgart is frequently sought after for his insights. His expertise has been featured in notable media outlets, including Forbes, Fox Business News, ABC News, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Golgart holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Colorado and pursued postgraduate studies in Leadership at Stanford University.

What I Do

  • Strategic Leadership: Offers strategic leadership and vision to guide businesses toward growth, alignment and success.
  • Expertise in Real Estate: Provides insights into real estate trends, helping businesses make informed property decisions.
  • Disruptive Technology Advocate: Drives innovation and helps companies leverage disruptive technologies for competitive advantage.

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