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Sande Golgart: Alignment & Growth Expert
How Sande Can Help
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Who Is Sande Golgart?

Business Executive | Philanthropist | Alignment & Growth Expert

With nearly three decades of executive experience, I’ve enjoyed a career filled with exponential growth, successful business turnarounds, and building dynamic teams, earning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

However, my greatest satisfaction comes from mentoring and aiding in the development of others, having helped hundreds achieve greater personal success and career advancement. Over the past four years, I have also had the privilege of learning from and working alongside notable figures such as David Meltzer and Jay Abraham, gaining insights into various transformative practices like meditation and mindfulness. Drawing from these rich experiences, I have developed a straightforward three-step process designed to foster easy growth and create flow, either personally or in your business, ensuring impactful and manageable improvements.

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Strategies for Success

Unlock the Power of

10x Growth

For Your Business

Sande's Approach

As a result of our work:

  • Goals for change will be established
  • Change will become easy
  • New habits will be formed
  • Old habits will be shed
  • You will start:
    • Thinking more clearly
    • Feeling less fear
    • Acting in alignment with your new goals
  • New results will start compounding
We will create a world of extreme clarity.
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Sande’s Offerings

Explore two coaching experiences tailored to your growth needs: our Free Group Coaching offers a straightforward three-step process for easy personal and business enhancement, including deep dives into life and business strategies and supportive listen-and-chat sessions. Elevate your journey with our Elevated Group Coaching, providing exclusive access to tools, insights, and personalized feedback to propel you towards your goals with exceptional efficiency.

Free Group Coaching

Our Free Group Coaching sessions utilize a straightforward, three-step process aimed at achieving Simple, Easy Growth for both personal and business enhancement.

These sessions include monthly topic breakdowns that provide deep dives into various strategies for fostering flow and harmony in your life and business. Participants also benefit from a supportive environment where they can engage in listen-and-chat sessions, drawing on the group’s collective wisdom and shared experiences.

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Elevated Group Coaching

Gain access to an exclusive coaching experience that is designed to propel you towards your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Elevated Group Coaching service goes above and beyond our free offering. Not only will you have access to the tools, insights, and support needed to achieve unparalleled success, but you’ll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your situation and receive tailored feedback.

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Voices of Growth and Success

Personal Insights from Friends and Colleagues on Sande Golgart’s Impact

Sande has been in the trenches of business as a senior executive for more than 25 years, so he understands the realities of what business leaders face. His model for making change easy is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 30-year business career.

JessePrincipal at Tractus Learning

I can’t recommend Sande Golgart enough. His unique ability to make the complex simple while creating real, sustainable growth for your business, your life potential or your overall health is remarkable, Sande is your “one-stop shop” for unlocking what your best looks like!!

DerekNFL Veteran, turned VP/Executive

Sande has guided me to recognize my greatest skill set and expand upon what I thought was possible both personally and professionally. He offers guidance and a framework to push past barriers both real and imagined and advance the horizons of what I thought was possible.

MarissaSales Executive

I eagerly look forward to every meeting with Sande. I get tremendous value from our time together and it is helping me create the future I want for myself.

ChrisFounder and CEO, CWO Media

This experience has changed the trajectory of my life! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Sande.

JMSales Executive

Incredible experience! Sande does an amazing job of making the complex simple. He has helped me align my purpose, vision, and goals with my unique talents and changed the trajectory of how I want to live my life. I am grateful I started this journey.

K. PatteeGreater Sydney, Australia

Resources Designed to Help You

I have provided resources to help companies achieve incredible success through stronger alignment with their teams.

I want to help employees go deep to get in touch with their true purpose and unique talents. The resources below will help employees and entrepreneurs remove fear and create a life of abundance where they will thrive in a world of uncertainty.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Empowering Success: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Build a Thriving Business with these Resources.

Business Consulting

Sande Helps Companies Achieve Incredible Success by Creating Breakthrough Results Through Alignment.

Level-5 Elite Leadership Coaching

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Performance with Our High-Performance Coaching Services.

How Sande Can Help

SEG Way (Simple – Easy – Growth)


Hire Sande for Guest Speaking & Events.


Educate, Elevate, and Energize: Unveiling Insights Through Podcast Conversations


Unlock Your Potential: Embark on a Journey to Become the Best Version of You

Energy Healing

Harmonize Your Being: Explore the Transformative Power of Energy Healing


Educate, Elevate, and Energize: Unveiling Insights Through Podcast Conversations


Pursuit of Joy: Navigating the Pathways to Lasting Happiness

Sound Bath

Harmonizing Sound Baths: Discover Clarity, Purpose, and Renewal Through Sonic Journeys


Total Wellness Trio: Nourish, Strengthen, and Thrive with Health, Diet, and Exercise


Discover Inner Harmony: Elevate Your Well-being Through Breathwork Practices


Your Gateway to Health, Strength, and Vitality


Inner Serenity Awaits: Embark on a Journey of Meditation and Mindful Stillness

Have Questions?

Reach out to me with any questions.